For the few H&S managers still managing certs and training on paper. It’s time to stop. In today’s article we’ll break down the benefits of using a streamlined and digital certificate management system such as cerTrax.


Forms Available Anytime, Anywhere:

Paper is ok, when it’s readily accessible. Unfortunately, operators can’t carry all of their paper documents with them throughout the day. With cerTrax mobile, operators have access to every document they need, whenever they need it. This means that if an MSHA auditer shows up in the mine, it doesn’t matter if they have access to their permits, training records or wifi access. All they have to do is reach in their pocket to prove their compliance.


Quick Uploading, Easy Organization:

Filing an entire workplace of documents is a massive undertaking in and of itself. cerTrax makes the process incredibly easy. Upload a form or permit directly in to an operators profile and access it from anywhere simply by looking up that particular operator. In short, the process removes the headache of paperwork entirely.


Automatic Notifications and Easy Monitoring:

One of the biggest problems with paper is that it’s easy to forget. Letting a certification or equipment training lapse is a simple slip-up. However, with the power of cerTrax, that issue is easily resolved. Not only can supervisors view all expirations easily from the dashboard, they will be notified of upcoming expirations so renewals can be scheduled, and even administered, from the app itself.


To learn more about cerTrax, and sign up for free, Click Here.



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