Fleet management systems are the single best way to boost your mine’s production. Not all fleet management systems are created equal, though. One of the most important aspects of fleet management is whether or not it has mobile support. If you think that mobile support is simply a convenience with no real effect on performance, keep reading, because this is for you. Today’s blog covers the top three reasons you need to be using a mobile fleet management system in your mine today. 


Better Task Management, Better Fleet Management:

In an underground mine, it isn’t easy to update tasks well as the shift progresses. This can result in a lot of wasted time, which of course means wasted money. With a mobile fleet management system like groundHog, management can update tasks in real-time throughout the day as they monitor progress and delays. This eliminates the majority of slowdowns that plague mines today.


Real-Time Data:

The ability to monitor all relevant data in real-time is critical for both supervisors and operators alike. From a management perspective, real-time data grants critical decision making info and allows for more well informed task management. From the perspective of operators, it allows them to work significantly more efficiently because it keeps them updated about the status and location of any equipment they might need.


Improved Maintenance Ops:

A mobile-enabled system makes maintenance ops significantly easier and more effective for everyone involved. Operators can conduct inspections on equipment digitally, record consumables and track all relevant data, such as tire pressure and oil. This data is all available to supervisors in real-time. This makes scheduling and necessary work or ordering and consumables simple and efficient.


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