Data. Is. Everything. How you get it, how you use it. In mining, good decision making has to come from good data and even better analysis. Understanding why you need good analytics helps when making decisions about how you’re going to approach the problem. That’s why today’s blog covers the three reasons your mine needs better analytics to be successful. 


Better Maintenance:

Maintenance isn’t the first thing you think about your data going towards. However, by receiving daily analysis including the amount of consumables used and maintenance required, managers can analyze trends and anticipate needs better than they could before. Of course, this means better maintenance and fewer slowdowns, a good foundation for a high-production mine. 


Better Logistics:

Using the real-time tracking and automatic analytics of software like groundHog, coordinating surface trucks and keeping track of parts and consumables is a breeze. The logistics of a mine shouldn’t ever be responsible for holding back productivity and with propeller analytics, they won’t be.


Better Operations:

Easily the most important reason to have good analytics, is the boost in operational performance. Using real-time analysis, supervisors can ensure things run smoothly throughout the day. Then, using a complete set of data generated at the end of the shift by groundHog, they can tweak their plan for the next day. Making use of these high-level analytics ensure that every day is better than the last. By leveraging software properly, mines can be constantly improving. 


In broad terms, these three reasons boil down to one thing. You need better analytics in your mine to ensure you are constantly improving. Meeting production goals is great, exceeding them is downright fantastic. For better analytics, check out groundHog.


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