The first method of tracking 5000-23s that we’ll be examining is paper. The paper method is time-honored and can get the job done. However, it isn’t the most efficient or slip-up resistant. In this article, we’ll be looking at exactly how paper 5000-23 tracking works in comparison to other methods.


Managing 5000-23’s, Old School:

Since the birth of MSHA and the rise in importance of regulatory compliance, mines have been using paper to keep track of important training records that not only keep their mines safe, but keep them safe from hefty fines. Paper isn’t an elegant solution but in general it can be considered reliable. You may spend a long time sifting through papers or lose important documents on occasion but it eliminates the need for office staff to learn a new system and is good enough when you aren’t in a position to be pushing for improvements.


The Disadvantages of Paper:

While paper is an ok solution to 5000-23 management, it isn’t without its downsides. Paper has a tendency to be a slower system than a digital solution and it allows for more frequent slip-ups by either losing a form or allowing a certificate/training to lapse. With the absence of a notification system present in a product like cerTrax, paper 5000-23 management is practically inviting fines. Another downside to physical certificates, is their unavailability in a time of need. If an MSHA inspector shows up in the mine, it is always best if miners can all account for their own certificates and training. It is almost impossible to meet this need when they are stored far away from the worksite. Mobile-enabled digital systems are critical for compliance. Allowing every single employee to carry their certs and training at all times is incredibly important. 


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