We’re extremely proud to announce that rapidBizApps has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Field Service Solution Providers 2017 by CIO Applications. The annual listing of companies was selected by a distinguished panel comprised of CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and members of CIO Applications’ editorial team. The list features organizations that have established their eminence in the field service sector through the development of innovative technologies. As noted by CIO Applications, the field service industry is gradually ascending into a new dimension of technological sophistication where analytics, mobility, and interoperability complement the fundamentals of modern-day field services.


A number of reasons were cited to support rapidBizApps’ inclusion in this ranking:

      1. rapidBizApps’ customizable field services enablement apps are designed to maximize wrench time. These apps facilitate data aggregation at the source, eliminating the time-consuming process of gathering post-event data related to routine tasks as well as non-routine incidents. In effect, they transform a slow, reactive environment into a dynamic, proactive one.
      2. Leveraging its deep understanding of the pain points of field operations-intensive industries, rapidBizApps has developed a suite of apps that empower companies to efficiently capture accurate data from their field operations in near-real-time. groundHog, the company’s production control and fleet management software optimized for use in underground mines helps drive higher process efficiencies, enhances safety and cuts operating costs in mining.
      3. Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold mining company uses multiple apps offered by rapidBizApps to streamline their mining operations. By collaborating with rapidBizApps, Barrick has been able to automate the overall functionality of their mines, maximizing the wrench time of individual mine operators, and increasing the productivity of their operations.


“Our software is malleable to the business process; we don’t force our processes upon our clients, but adapt to the ones they have”, says Satish Penmetsa, CEO of rapidBizApps.

Read the complete article published by CIO Applications.


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