The most important thing a mine can do is measure. Measure everything. Thorough, accurate data is absolutely essential to mines that want to grow. In this article, we will look at three key ways to ensure your mine has quality data.


Efficient Data Capture:

The first problem in many mines is their method of data capture. Oftentimes, technicians collect data manually. Not only is this an inefficient method of collection, it leaves unnecessary room for human error. Furthermore, compared to automated data capture, manual data collection is incredibly tedious and not cost effective in the long-term. To remedy this, more and more fleet management softwares have implemented automated data capture that is available in real time. This provides an incredible amount of visibility and allows for managers to make informed decisions and put them into action at rapid speeds. Beyond the obvious increases to productivity, the elimination of human error from the data process grants increased safety to mines. mine managers can focus more on making key decisions for the mine and less on worrying about the accuracy of the information they are working with.


Effective Data Usage:

So now you have accurate information, captured efficiently. How do you use it to its full potential? The most often overlooked way to use data, is to connect C-level executives. Oftentimes, C-level execs are left in the dark on many of a mine’s day to day operations because the info isn’t readily presented to them, or worse, it is inaccurate. When accurate data is readily available to executives they get a clear, 360 degree view, that allows them to make the best informed decisions for a company. On a more short-term basis, mine managers can use the statistics that are collected in real-time to make minor adjustments throughout the day to boost productivity. While these changes won’t be on the same scale as the decisions from execs, they will add up, and they would not have been possible without real-time information.


Forward Thinking Operations:

In an increasingly digital landscape, mines have to think, to a degree, like tech companies. They could do well to replicate the fast moving, prototyping, philosophy held by many silicon valley companies. Furthermore, with the aid of data, new, inexperienced hires don’t have to be a big risk. You can’t teach years of experience in a week. However, you can help trainees understand the information that is being collected. Then, use it to set goals and strive to perform at the same level as experienced team members. All of these practices are that of a modern business. The thought of becoming a more modern business may be uncomfortable for many mines. However, if they want to remain competitive, they won’t have a choice.


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