Operations management, like many other aspects of mining. Get vastly more difficult as you begin to have workforces of high quantities. Managing crew rotation, availability, scheduling, tasks, equipment and production can become quite a headache. Thankfully, with the power of technology we can simplify mining ops. Using SIC, a fleet management system can not only reduce the headache of operations management, but grant a massive boost in production. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at how you can use SIC to take your operations management to the next level.


Crew Availability and Rotation Management:

Managing crews and rotations with limited personnel available isn’t easy. However, by using a digital system it’s definitely possible. Using a system like groundHog, the simple digital interface makes manipulation of tasks, scheduling and assignments very clear. Managing rotations can also be difficult, however, the real time nature of groundHog allows for simple communication between managers and operators allowing for coordination at all times. This provides a good safety net against wasted time in the event of low crew availability or difficult rotations.


Short Term Scheduling and Task Monitoring:

You may have what seems like a perfect schedule for the day. However, there is no schedule so perfect that it will be 100% failsafe. For this reason, it’s important to be able to make tweaks as the day progresses that allow mining intensity to stay high throughout the shift. This is made possible through real-time task management and monitoring. If a task is taking longer than expected, oftentimes there is someone else whose task was finished ahead of schedule. Simply reassign the task and allow operators to pick up slack wherever possible. This serves to eliminate wasted time for everyone involved.


Equipment Assignment:

Assigning and reassigning equipment effectively is a great way to boost productivity. Having to hunt down equipment or not being aware of the status of equipment is a massive production killer. That’s why groundHog allows for real-time equipment tracking. Consequently, this makes it easier to adjust assignments at any time and it makes tracking down equipment a simple matter for operators.


Production Progress Tracking:

Keeping an eye on production throughout the day is important for more effectively accomplishing everything we’ve discussed thus far. Additionally, the analytics about production progress generated by groundHog allow for better planning for the next day. Tracking production progress also allows for better labour management, an important aspect of keeping mine intensity high. 


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