There will be delays every once in a while, no matter how well you run your mine. Unfortunately, even infrequent delays can wreak havoc on your productivity. Part of what makes a mine good it’s ability to work through delays effectively and keep mining intensity high. In today’s blog we’ll give you a few of our best tips to do just that. 


Always Be Prepared for The Possibility of Delays:

The biggest problem that mines run into with delays aren’t actually the delays. The bigger issue is actually the delays stacking on top of unresolved issues and unpreparedness. The solution to this relatively obvious, don’t put things off, even if it means a slight slowdown in current productivity or an inconvenience. A slight slowdown now is far preferable to a large slow down when delays stack on top of each other. This means scheduling repairs and maintenance hastily when problems are discovered and sticking to a rigid work schedule with regards to repairs.


Be Flexible:

Flexibility makes overcoming delays far more simple. Becoming more flexible requires a bit more work. Being a flexible mine means having a multi-skilled workforce so task reassignments are easier to handle. It also means having a strong communication and task management system that allows for quick contact and management of operators. 


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