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    rapidBizApps, the trusted technology partner for mining companies worldwide, is proud to participate in the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference and Expo to be held in Phoenix, AZ in February.

    At the rapidBizApps booth, select conference attendees will be invited to experience the cutting edge of Virtual Reality (VR): immersive, intuitive, incredible. While there’s no denying the “wow” factor, there can be significant productivity benefits for mining companies as well.

    “Imagine the entire underground mine right in front of your eyes while you sit at your desk in the office”, says Satish Penmetsa, CEO, rapidBizApps. “Imagine having the ability to observations in real time and monitor mine activity round the clock from wherever you are. With virtual reality, you can actually do all this, and more.”

    With years of experience in building cutting-edge technology solutions for the mining industry, rapidBizApps is honored to count Fortune 500 firms such as Atlas Copco and Barrick Gold among its customers. To date, it has built mobile applications for activities across the mining spectrum: fleet management, equipment inspection, drill and bBlast activities, and safety & environmental assessments. But that’s just scratching the surface, so to speak.

    For example, rapidBizApps is one of the few companies with the capabilities to implement underground machine-to-machine communication. Simply put, this enables traveling, loading, hauling, and dumping trucks to be connected through their own network that is completely independent of unreliable WiFi. The result: robust, easy, and fast deployment for real-time fleet management and scheduling.

    More broadly, the company’s Product and R&D teams continually evaluate state-of-the-art innovations such as Internet of Things and Big Data/Analytics to come up with ways to meaningfully enhance mine safety, productivity, and compliance.

    “We start by understanding the needs of each mining professional at a fundamental level. Then we bring in the best technology that will help them do their job in the best possible way. It’s never ‘technology for technology’s sake’,” says CEO Penmetsa.

    In addition to the Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience, there are many other mining-related apps and technologies you can try out at the rapidBizApps booth at SME. Come visit us at Booth 1764, right by the restaurant in the exhibit area. We look forward to seeing you.

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