In the not so distant future, companies will be forced to make a decision; go through a digital transformation or try to stay competitive with outdated tech. In the process of a digital transformation, there are pitfalls that companies need to be aware of. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at three of the most common pitfalls companies need to look out for.


Poor Communication –

This is one of the most common pitfalls in digital transformations, yet one of the most simple. With the implementation of fleet management software, companies have access to real-time data covering nearly every aspect of operations. However, this data is often times not delivered to crew members who need it the most. If an inspection reveals information relevant to workers it needs to be delivered to them immediately. This simple action alone, will greatly improve the effectiveness of the new technology your company has implemented significantly.


Over-Digitization –

While this may seem like a strange point, it can be as bad to over-digitize as it is to not digitize at all. Over the years, miners tend to develop “senses” about when things go wrong. These senses may not be quantifiable but they are important to a mine nonetheless. To most effectively carry out a digital transformation, companies need to slowly transition workers away from positions being digitized and allow for them to become comfortable working in the digital realm as opposed to the physical. This will also act to make workers more comfortable with the transformation as a whole.


Poor Preparation –

A digital transformation presents a great amount of opportunity, but it also brings new risks. It is important that companies take the proper steps to prepare themselves. For instance, cyber attacks are a threat that will be present for years to come and one that must be adequately prepared for. Furthermore, it’s important that companies keep an eye on things out of their control and have strategies in place. An example would be a breakthrough in sustainable energy, it could come at any time and companies need to be aware of that.


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